Robert Toll

Toll Brothers co-founder R上海贵族宝贝 上海千花网龙凤论坛obert Toll is stepping down as chairman Robert Toll will still serve as a special adviser

Robert Toll (Credit: Getty Images)

Toll Brothers’ co-founder and executive chairman is stepping down at the end of the month.

Robert Toll will remai上海贵族宝贝论坛 上海贵族宝贝n on the company’s board of directors and serve as a special adviser effective Nov. 1, the homebuilder said in a statement. CEO Douglas Yearley will be chairman of the board.

“Doug Yearley’s appointment to the role of chairman of the Board of Directors represents the culmination of the leadership transition process we began when Doug assumed the position of chief executive officer in 2010,” Toll, 77, said in the statement.

Toll Brothers, one of the country’s largest luxury homebuilders, has seen a profit boost this year. In the third quarter, net income climbed 30 percent thanks to strong new home sales amid housing supply constraints.

Its City Living division, which primarily 上海龙凤论坛 新上海贵族宝贝论坛focuses on the New York City metro area, has been focused on reducing inventory this year. In July, the division爱上海同城手机版 新爱上海同城对对碰论坛 offered buyer incentives to spur sales.

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Acropolis Gardens

Acropolis Gardens, a Queens co-op mired in allegations of corruption and self-dealing, is tearing itself apart Longtime property manager Steve Osman, whose company also manages 30 consulate embassies, is accused of misappropriating millions from the co-op

The Acropolis Gardens at 2168 35th Street in Queens and Steve Osman (Credit: Google Maps and iStock)

Refinancing old debt on a property is a routine measure. But shareholders of an Astoria complex fear another loan would be a means of covering up years of corruption at the long-troubled property.

Michael Leifer, who owns 70 of the 618 units at Acropolis Gardens, brought a derivative shareholder suit against the co-op board and longtime property manager Steve Osman, alleging that Osman had used the complex as his own personal piggy bank, misappropriating millions of dollars over the years. Further, Leifer claims that board members were complicit in those actions.

Now, shareholders are gearing up for the co-op’s first annual meeting in eight years. In that time, the debt on the property has more than quadrupled, public records show. And maintenance fees have risen more than 40 percent, the suit claims, amid years of resident complaints of poor conditions, including asbestos exposure and a months-long period without hot water.

“W上海千花网交友 上海千花网论坛e are paying more money a month, getting less in return and getting deeper in debt,” said Michael Solomon, another shareholder who has lived in the complex for 10 years and says he’s had ceiling leaks since 2015.

The annual shareholders meeting, scheduled for Nov. 19, comes after a Wells Fargo managed-trust moved to foreclose on the property after a loan repayment bounced in July. A Wells Fargo-recommended receiver was appointed last month to audit the co-op’s financials, and take over its property management.

But in a move that would replace the court-appointed receiver, the current board members are seeking to refinance yet again, with a $52 million loan provided by a private lender at a 9 percent interest rate, more than double the current rate, according to court filings.

“They want to get the receiver out, because [the board] don’t want a forensic accountant to come in and uncover all the fraud,” said Stephen Meister, Leifer’s attorney.

Wells Fargo said it does not have a decision making role in the foreclosure because it serves as a trustee. The institution instead directed questions to its special servicer, Rialto Capital Advisors, which also declined to comment.

Leifer — who does not currently hold a seat on the co-op board — filed a motion in federal court this month seeking to block the board from securing the new loan. As the shareholders’ meeting approaches, more than 70 members have signed letters in support of holding board election.

Payments called into question

The allegations against Osman, whose firm Metropolitan Pacific Properties has managed the complex since 1995, range from funneling payments to his family members to misdirecting funds from the board to o[……]

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Excel Development Group

Queens developer moving ahead with 155-unit Kips Bay resi tower development Air rights, rezoning allow project to more than double in size

339-345 East 33rd Street (Credit: GF55)

After years spent assembling lots and maximizing allowed construction area, Mikhael Heletz s Excel Development Group is ready to move ahead with its 23-story residential project in Kips Bay, according to city新爱上海同城对对碰论坛 上海同城对对碰交友社区 filings.

The Forest Hill上海贵族宝贝交流区 上海贵族宝贝论坛s-based developer plans to build a 155-unit, 123,000-square-foot tower covering the four adjacent lots at 339-345 East 33rd Street. Excel began acquiring the lots in August 2015, closing on the上海千花社区 上海千花网交友 last parcel in December for $11.2 million.

Also in December, Excel closed on an air rights deal with neighboring 337 East 33rd Street, buying over 12,000 square feet of development rights from the five-story apartment building for $2.75 million.

According to industry insiders, Manhattan air rights prices have declined significantly over the past year, despite increased housing interest in the area.

Last May, Israel上海夜网 阿爱上海同城i developer Minrav Development paid $64 million for a development site at 368 Third Avenue, two blocks away from the Excel project site.
In early 2018, Excel s project also received support from Department of City Planning and City Council, who approved a rezoning that would effectively double the amou上海贵族宝贝交流区 上海贵族宝贝论坛nt of construction allowed on the assemblage.

The project will include 6,400 square feet of ground floor retail, and 40 of the project s 155 units will be permanently affordable, with the remaining 115 being market rate.

New York-based architecture firm GF55 Partners is designing the project. [PincusCo] Kevin Sun

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Mansion Tax NYC

New York is projecting $365M in new real estate taxes. But who will bear the burden? Brokers say ultra-rich buyers again get reprieve

From left: 220 Central Park South, Governor Andrew Cuomo, 520 Park Avenue, William Zeckendorf, Ken Griffin, and 157 W上海千花网 爱上海同城对对碰est 57th Street (Credit: Getty Images and Wikipedia)

“Do I love it? No. But can I live with it? Yes.”

New York City’s ultra-wealthy buyers dodged a bullet last week when lawmakers abandoned a proposed pied-à-terre tax on luxury pads. But some brokers now fear everyday buyers will bear the brunt of a progressive mansion tax that took its place.

The new mansion tax will start at 1.25 percent on sales above $2 million but under $3 million; the tax tops out at 3.9 percent for sales above $25 million, according to the state s new budget. (The existing 1 percent mansion tax is baked into those figures.)

Combined with a progressive transfer tax, the assessments are expected to generate $365 million in revenue.

But Compass’ Leonard Steinberg — a vocal critic of the pied-à-terre tax — said the mansion tax is a “dirty means of raising taxes at the expense of a class of people lumped under one umbrella.” In fact, he argued, buyers spending $3 million have vastly different finances than those who can afford $25 million or more.

“What’s pretty unbelievable is the only message that has been broadcast from Albany is that people who buy $25 million and more will be paying, he said. There’s been very little mention that everyone between $2 million and $25 million will be paying more taxes, as well.”

Several other agents expressed concern that sales under $3 million would slow if buyers had to factor in the cost of additional taxes.

“These buyers, in most cases, are financing their purchase and are on pretty tight budgets,” said Warburg Realty’s Sheila Trichter. “It seems that these tax increases are once again hurting the middle class and helping the 1 percent.”

But broad swaths of the industry, which vehemently opposed an annual pied-à-terre tax, said the new mansion tax is the lesser of two evils.

Although proponents said the pied-à-terre tax would have raised $650 million in tax revenue each year, an industry-backed analysis said the figure was close to $372 mi上海千花网龙凤论坛 上海千花社区llion. Real estate players also cited the legal and logistical problems with enacting a tax based on the city’s arcane property assessment system.

A one-time, point-of-sale payment is far more straightforward.

“It’s digestible,” said Bess Freedman, CEO of Brown Harris Stevens. “Do I love it? No. But can I live with it? Yes.” She said the new mansion tax will give the state the revenue it needs without deterring buyers from purchasing in New York. “It may have an impact, for sure, but not the way the pied-à-terre tax would have run us over.”

In the weeks leading up to the budget, real estate players including developer William Zeckendorf — a co-owner of BHS’ parent company, Terra Holdings — lobbied furiously against the pied-à-terre tax. On March 25, elect[……]

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” full-scale war: The Three Kingdoms ” Chinese edition publicizes a Zhu Geliang to give hill to search advocate

World fine released ” full-scale war: The Three Kingdoms ” new conduct propaganda piece ” of the hero itinerary ” . The government expresses, legend hero Zhu Geliang roams on ancient China earth search virtuous advocate. In addition, world fine still affirm will releasing next week demonstrate newly, reveal the spy in game. Chant of all Ge Liang place in video: “Nowadays disappointed of the four seas. Auspicious land, but war is perpetual, down to a poetic name of China crack. Vassal fierce cruel, the world of horizontal do as one pleases, bright but help a tyrant to do evil. The world dawn, need so that how protect. For civilian and battle person, should be Yang He Zhijun, it is to have an insatiable desire for cruel apprentice. Hear ever had adult photograph to search here, be about to invite bright give be an official, this person if why? Depend on bright outlook, this person but complementary! This person but complementary!![……]

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Bird of prey is swept past empty! ” emperor card air battle 7 ” video of introduction of opportunity for combat the 8th F

Palace announced the dream austral 10 thousand generation to be aimed at a few days ago ” emperor card air battle 7 ” conduct propaganda piece show a plan, the company will roll out a series of type introductions to publicize piece, every nearsightedness frequency introduces a kind of model, add up to 15 kinds. The company had announced the six ministries in feudal China before, introduced opportunity for combat of famous U.S. Army air battle to represent ” battleplan of F-15C eagle type ” , Ou Shi is represented ” EF-2000 typhoon battleplan ” , ” F/A-18F ” A-10C of MiG-31B of delegate of type of carrier-borne combat attack plane, Russia, right heavy-duty attack plane, f-14D of star opportunity for combat and make empty battleplan MiG-29A. The world head that what bring today is famous wears battleplan of the Five Dynasties ” bird of prey ” F-22A. ” emperor card air battle: Sealed airspace ” Introduction F-22A video:
F-22 battleplan (English: F-22 Fighter, number: F-22, code name / byname: Raptor, translation: Bird of prey, appellative: F-22 of Martin of Losk Heed · ” bird of prey ” ) , it is the United States one model odd a sex of body of double hair Gao Yin battleplan of the Five Dynasties, it is the first kind enters the battleplan of the Five Dynasties that enlist in army. The concealed body function of F-22 battleplan, sensitivity, accuracy and posture perception ability are united in wedlock, combine its to be opposite for nothing sky and sky fight rightly ability, make it becomes battleplan of first-rate of current world integral performance. F-22 battleplan by horse of · of American Losk Heed Ding Gong is managed (Lockheed Martin) combine development with Boeing company, enter air force to enlist in army in succession at 21 centuries initial stage, in order to replace F-15 battleplan. Fourth company of horse of Losk Heed · gives priority to contractor, assemble finally what be in charge of designing system of major airframe, weapon and F-22. Company of plan partner Boeing offers wing, hind comprehensive system mixes electron of airframe, aviation groom system. But the devoid clarity that because exorbitant, Russia mixes the production cost of F-22,the plan defer of battleplan of the Five Dynasties brings about is empty to fighting for nothing the task, export ban of bird of prey and other use a plan (include F-35 and nobody. In April 2009, american department of defense suggests to cease new order, via congress approval purchases 187 battleplan finally. ” 2010 money year law of national defence accredit ” the capital that causes lack to produce more F-22. On December 13, 2011 of last F-22 on line ceremony in Duobinsi service base holds air force provision. Every other of palace of the dream austral 10 thousand generation rolls out new video two days, time is in December 6, 8, 11, 13, 15, 18, 20 with 22 days, intermediate year end can quit period of time, later January 8, 10, 12, 15, 17 still can continue to reveal with 19 days. These v[……]

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” happy blowout of god showing chaos: Re:NEwal ” new premonitory reveal the person that 5 belles bear leading role a group of people of same interest

Because all alone the Buddhist nun examines a requirement to game content more strict, the PS4 game that Marvelous development, XSEED is in charge of issueing ” happy blowout of god showing chaos: Re:NEwal ” adjourn for a time in Euramerican area, the day of put on sale that two companies defined Euramerican area formally today is on January 22, 2019, released a paragraph of brand-new conduct propaganda video at the same time, look in light of have holy light: ” happy blowout of god showing chaos: Re:NEwal ” day of put on sale is premonitory (in examine and verify, please later) :
Flyer: Its grandfather is the bear Wei VIP of the fokelore that be called, she is accordingly immanent potential is extremely high. Disposition is optimistic, can be companion consider, it is to bear the spiritual prop between group companion. Culver: State-maintained to hide 3 grade student of the institute partly. The old young lady of phoenix plutocrat, also be a monitor at the same time. Because she is an adopted daughter, let the status of sequela to the elder brother stoutly so. Disposition tenderness, and idea Shen Mi. Ge Cheng: State-maintained to hide 3 grade student of the institute partly. Serious situation is serious justice, disposition of drive elder sister. But resemble a girl not at all however, regular still annoy others. Nevertheless she also has abstinency scrupulously and respectfully oneself, seek powerful one side. Liu Sheng: Although be one grade student only, but had known the callosity that bears the world, have as the awareness that endures the life. Because of some incident feeling lark is general like his little sister, open oneself heart to her only. Skylark: One’s previous experience bears house, but defective however as the consciousness that bear. Although be good at intelligence activity, but because mental age is immature, the result often makes trouble. American area ” happy blowout of god showing chaos: Re:NEwal ” will on January 22 put on sale, land PC and PS4 platform. European area earlier, appear on the market at 18 days. [……]

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Belle level gives again after A4 waist: Iphone6 leg came younger sister paper is mad elegant leg

What common saying says is good, did not reduce weight in March, apprentice hurt Bei in April, apprentice hurt Bei in May. . . Present younger sister paper people began again new round life reducing weight, all sorts of A4 waists go up to have one’s moment in the net before, now younger sister paper people begin elegant leg again, and this beautiful leg standard turned I6 into the leg.

Allegedly, want to put Iphone6 on his knee only, can obscure of knee is I6 leg, this has made the beautiful leg standard of new generation! Just escaped A4 pocket, did not think of to was given cut to kill by I6 leg again! Younger sister paper people, will quickly try


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Free in May game announces PS Plus ” island magnate 5 ” present as leading role list

Member of Xbox Live gold is announced in Microsoft after free in May game, suo Ni also brought PS Plus user for everybody today people the welfare that can enjoy, look together.

Photograph comparing extends a service at the independent game of before a few months, have ” island magnate 5 ” the elegant demeanor that more or less free in May game had a bit your work. Consider nevertheless ” island magnate 5 ” game type, how many player is willing to taking handle to play again so an imitate kind work?


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Cos of paper of foreign younger sister keeps watch pioneer the 2nd play Yan Zhi to explode watch bosom implement counter a day

 Of the Cos of paper of foreign younger sister that released yesterday ” keep watch pioneer ” small beauty got a lot of reputably, put big tits of a group of this tall Yan Zhi again today implement the hunt sky of Cos of younger sister paper, DVA, black lily. Coser of this foreign country is called Eclair, the player with joyous be pregnant is OK and great attention.


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